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Oped Assignment – Due 2/6/2023

Op/Ed/Advice Column (presentation to seminar group ≥ 10 points required) Each student will briefly take the role of an editor and write an OpEd piece (to colleagues) on a topic relevant to Child health/Women’s health. Submit no more than 3 pages and must identify a specific topic /issue or concern encountered by children or female patients that is often a result of or linked to Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). For example, increased Maternal mortality in Black women or higher rates of childhood asthma in children living in the Bronx. To address the issue students must review evidence-based research on the topic, include any contributing factors and identify a change in practice and/or policy that could ameliorate the issue. See BB for example of an OpEd Piece published in the New York Times as an example. 

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