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CST 610 Proj 3

CST 610 Proj 3


Project 3 Scenario: We are structuring our scenario around the capital one data breach 2019, I have a couple references already, feel free to add more if needed. My section is from the perspective of law enforcement, as it pertains to this incident.

Deliverables are described below, total of 5-9 pages, 2 separate docs, an After Action Report 2-4 pages, and a Security Assessment Report 3-5 pages.

You are part of a collaborative team that was created to address cyber threats and exploitation of US financial systems’ critical infrastructure. Your team has been assembled by the White House cyber national security staff to provide situational awareness about a current network breach and cyberattack against several financial service institutions.

Your role is:

  • A      representative from law enforcement, who has provided additional evidence      of network attacks found using network defense tools.

Provide education and security awareness to the financial services sector about the threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and risk mitigation and remediation procedures to be implemented to maintain a robust security posture.

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