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HTM 110 – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management Assignment

HTM 110 – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management Assignment

HTM 110 – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management Assignment #2

Instructions: You are required to answer the following questions. You should save your answers in a Word document for submission. Please do not repeat the questions on your answer sheet. Instead, please list the answers numerically/sequentially by simply utilizing 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each assignment must have a cover page listing your name, the name of the assignment, and the date. The cover page does not count towards the word count. For each assignment, you are expected to answer the assigned questions in your own words. Each assignment paper should be at least 250 words. Papers less than the required 250 words will get zero. This does not mean each question requires a 250-word response; rather, the total number of words for answering the questions must total more than 250 words.Documents should include a Title Page, maintain double spacing with 12 pt. Times font and 1” margins. If you have questions related to formatting, please ask and I will gladly assist you. Note: The Title Page does NOT count as one of the pages of text. For each assignment you must answer the specified questions for the assignment. All written assignments will be submitted through the plagiarism detection software Any student paper with a match of “45%” or above will be thoroughly scrutinized for plagiarism and points deducted at the instructors discretion.

1. Why is the concierge an essential part of the personality of a hotel?

2. Explain the importance of accident and loss prevention. What security measures are taken to protect guests and their property?

3. List the measures used to determine the food and beverage department’s profit and loss.

4. Explain the problems a hotel faces in making the following departments profitable: restaurants, bars, and room service.

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