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Requirements for patient encounters per course

Requirements for patient encounters per course

Requirements for patient encounters per course

· Consensus of patient numbers by course. These are MINIMUM numbers of patients:

· NURS 6531 – 144 patients in 144 hours

· NURS 6540 – 100 patients in 144 hours

· NURS 6541 – 144 patients in 144 hours

· NURS 6550 – 75 patients in 144 hours

· ***NURS 6551 – 100 GYN patients; 25 OB patients in 144 required hours

· NURS 6560 – 75 patients in 144 hours

· NURS 6565 – 144 patients in 144 hours

· PMHNP Courses: NURS 6640, NURS 6650, NURS 6660, NURS 6670:

· “Students in the PMHNP program will need to complete 144 hours of practicum in EACH of the four practicum courses. It is acknowledged that a variety of factors will influence the number of clients seen, but students should strive to see as many clients possible each clinical day.”

· *A minimum of 144 clinical hours are required in each practicum course. More hours can be completed but cannot transfer to another clinical course.



· Students are to upload their information on the time log and patients log every 48 hours.

· Midterm and final evals by preceptor need to be completed in Meditrek.

· Midterm eval should be completed prior to midterm conference call, then reviewed.

· Didactic faculty are responsible to ensure ALL clinical students have their time logs signed and final evals completed prior to entering final grade.


Documenting Clinical Experiences for the Course

· To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, address the following in Practicum Journal (AGPCNP and FNP students ONLY):

· Select and describe a nursing theory to guide your practice.

· Develop goals and objectives for your Practicum Experience in this course. When developing r goals and objectives, students are to be sure to keep the competency domains of practice in mind.

· Create a timeline of practicum activities based on your practicum requirements.

Midterm and Final Evaluations

· All students are required to have their preceptor complete a midterm and final evaluation in order to pass the course

· Midterm evaluation is done through Meditrek and should be completed by the preceptor during weeks 4-6; the preceptor will receive login credentials to Meditrek beginning in week 3.

· Students must have a satisfactory final evaluation by preceptor in Meditrek by end of week 10.

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